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Two Kings- Merlin AU by Zebraanimator Two Kings- Merlin AU by Zebraanimator
'Arthur stared at the eyes he had always known to be a deep blue. This new colour looked as though someone had taken the sun out of the sky and replaced the oceans in Merlin's eyes with it. A sheen of molten gold that radiated power with such profound subtlety that they had Arthur's knees twitching to drop into a bow.

"...Arthur?" Merlin's voice wobbed, contrasting harshly with the force of his eyes.

A smile pulled at Arthur's mouth. Although this new colour shocked him... there was something natural about them. Even as he looked at them now, they looked like they were simply reflecting specks of light like crushed diamonds rather than glowing eerily.

"You've got golden eyes" He stated with a small giggle. He would curse himself later for sounding so dumb.

Merlin flushed "All Drax do"

"They used to be blue" Arthur pointed out, thinking back to all the times Merlin's blue orbs had lit up mischievously.

"That was a glamour, Arthur- how would Camelot's people have reacted if a Drac came wandering in with gold eyes?" There was a spark of amusement in Merlin's voice as those incredible eyes rolled playfully.

Arthur frowned at Merlin's jibe. His hand that had been clutching the table tightly for support slackened. It lifted ifself and swatted Merlin upside the head.

"Shut up, Mer~lin!"


Arthur grew up knowing nothing of a humanoid magical race called the Drax (singular is Drac): Dragons in Human form, because of his father's Purge.
After crowning, Arthur recieves news that Morgana is forming an army and is seeking the aid of the Drac people.
From Gaius, Arthur learns about the Drac race and how they are a formidable ally and a dangerous enemy. In order to stop them from forming an alliance with Morgana, Arthur must meet with the Twelve Drac Kings and try to reason with them all while ignoring his own prejudices drilled into him since birth.

Little does he know that one of those Kings is recently (think series 2-3 area) crowned after his father's death at the hands of Cendred's men, and that that King is his own manservant- Merlin.

So, a little AU there for you since I'm spinning various AU ideas around xD

Basically the Dragonlords don't exist, instead a race called the Drax, or Drac for singular, are the spiritual brothers to Dragons.
Drac/Drax are somewhere between Men (Humans) and Dragons. They all have golden eyes like Dragons but look otherwise like Men.

There is also no such thing as a female Drac. Drax are entirely male and mate with humans or fae- it makes very little difference, if the child is female she is the same species as her mother but if the child is male he is a Drac like his father.

There are Twelve Kingdoms of Drac:
Æledléoman (Fire)
Hrúsan (Soil/Earth)
Wuduweald (Forest)
Lagufæsten (Ocean)
Dúnsæte (Mountains)
Lyffc (Air)
Friþcandel (Sun)
Mónaþfylen (Moon)

They all can be distinguished by appearance. Our Merlin is the King of the Mónaþfylen Drax or in simpler terms, the Moon King. Moon Drax have pitch black hair like the night sky and pale skin like the moon.

It is Arthur's destiny to govern the non-magical side of Albion while it is Merlin's destiny to govern the magical side. Only by working together will Albion be truly united. Two Sides of the Same Coin and all that.

Arthur is the High King of Albion. The Once of Future King.
Merlin is the Héah Bregu of Albion (Héah Bregu means High King in Old English). The Immortal One.

Merlin and Arthur belong to the legends, BBC and Colin Morgan and Bradley James respectively.
Concept is mine x x
Jayswing101 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's brilliant! I like the way you put the picture and the words together. I also love the au you imagined. It needs to become a story. Imagine all the adventure and bromance and epicness and romance and BAMF and dragon people! I am in love with that verse. :meow:
Isis-Moon Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
I hope to read the story one day
Nina-Potter Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Student Writer
That is brilliant. Did you really think of all that yourself? You should write a story to go along with it. Like.. an actual story. Pleeaase?
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